Steve Savage really is a scientist. But this fellow seems to disagree with him:

Have I posted this piece of Gish Gallop before? I thought I had…

A solution to vitamin-A deficiency.


Now I get it. How could we not see this solution before?
We just have to give poor children in poor countries access to the internet so they can read this beautifully compiled list of natural food items they can eat so they don’t get blind and die.
Oh, and we also have to teach them to read at early age before they get blind.

Or their parents could, like, just buy some organic carrots at Whole Foods, maybe? I mean, it’s up to them to ignore this list. Not like the information isn’t there on what you can eat to get vitamin A. Or how about some squash? See… it’s that easy.

This one is a gem. An ungodly gem, even.

Alternate History is a thing, right?

The usual crap. Coming from someone who claims to be a farmer. Riiiight. Also: Coco Pops? Really!?



Let’s not give farmers new seeds because they’re too incompetent and stupid to make money with their work. Or something like that.

Easy solutions to world hunger #48943

Interestingly, these people never have an answer on how to fix distribution
(without violating the laws of physics and turning the global economy into a centralised communist state).

But hey, let’s not give people who die from hunger more food because that would be bad.

Because: “fuck you, logic.”

Wow, we’ve got a Toxicologician here (neither a toxicologist nor a logician).